The returning Stuff Packs are also available in Sims 4, and they're priced nicely at $10. They are a much greater value than Stuff Packs in the past, comparing release prices and the amount of items. Each item costs about half as much. Stuff packs are generally light on the gameplay, but feature new objects, hair and clothing styles for Sims. Welcome to my new Stuff Pack, Delicious Kitchen! In collaboration with the one and... Home Ask Me Anything Archive Downloads. Posts Retrieving... Following 2543 Followers 22.968 Likes 25.4K. Follow. LittleDica @littledica. ... THE SIMS 4 DELICIOUS KITCHEN STUFF PACK - LITTLEDICA X DELIGRACY. GET IT ON PATREON NOW (5$ DOLLAR TIER) Hey everyone!.

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